MI World Water Day 2019

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Parking options

Wayne State associated parking lots/garages - all of them have visitor space available and accept credit/debit to enter & exit.

These are all within 1 block of the museum

  • Parking Lot 57: 237 E Hancock ($7.25, open 6AM-1AM)

  • Parking Lot 59a: 208 E Warren Ave ($8 open 6AM-1AM)

  • Parking Structure 3: 45 E Warren Ave ($8 open 6AM -12AM)

These are a bit further

  • Parking Lot 8: 91 W Forest ($2.00 First 20 minutes or fraction of, $1.00 each additional 20 minutes or fraction of, $12.00 maximum); Open 24/7, but permit needed to park overnight.

  • Parking Lot 36: 201 E Ferry (Same rate as above; open 6AM-1AM)

Metered parking is available on Warren Ave, Farnsworth, Frederick St (Close proximity to museum district - 5 min walk to museum). These are east/west running streets on the north side of Warren Ave)

Free parking is available

  • W Forest and W Hancock (south side of Warren Ave), but would result in a longer walk to the museum depending on where you find a spot.

  • North of the museum there is free parking along Frederick St & Kirby St, close to Peck Park. 

  • Further away WSU lots: 10-15 min walk to museum

Helpful tips

  • Most east/west running streets in Midtown have free parking (except within the museum district). North/south running streets are more likely to have metered parking.

  • City of Detroit has a helpful app you can download to pay for parking ($1/hr + processing fee) - so you don't have to run back to the meter. Free parking starts after 10PM on Fridays. Search "Park Detroit" in app store. 

  • Pay close attention to 1-way streets in museum district if you're coming for the first time


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